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Forum » General » Sex fara perdea (+16) » dywizjonu 303 mieszkania warszawa (bezpośrednio mieszkania warszawa)
dywizjonu 303 mieszkania warszawa
ThomasBulkDate: Luni, 12 Mai 2014, 06:38 | Message # 1
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The translation was the introduction of bank shield buyers , mandating the practise of prospectuses and conclude a event go down with notarized - stressed on Thursday the Administration Advice Nave . According to the CIR Act developer increases the shelter of customers past introducing the charge for developers of faith accounts for its investment. It's about dependability accounts opened or closed. In the opening example, the client with the expand of construction of the premises shall repay - defined in contribute to in the contract - tranches of the credibility account. Then, the bank pays the developer of the lolly after - mieszkanie warszawa finding that the construction appearance has been completed. The next settlement requires that the bank poured all the affluent the developer when the buyer becomes the holder of the apartment. The solutions contained in the Act also contribute to shrink the endanger of injury of funds scheduled to the bankruptcy of the developer, which translates into an distend in the level of security of the interests of buyers - obvious CIR . According to the ITC to prepare up a situation contract in the model of a notarial act also increases the custodianship of buying flats and houses firsthand. Also, the intelligence that the developer has included in the description of the investment , update - in the impression of the CIR - the place of the client. CIR has reported that since the commencement of 2012 until Walk 2013 decreased the total of complaints against developers led away consumers to the OCCP.

In addition - as added - reduced the number conducted on the President of the OCCP proceedings ws. practices affecting the interests of consumers next to the industry. In formerly published positions of the OCCP showed that we necessary is a modification of the provisions , including clarifying communication that the developer has included in the description of the investment. The Commission drew attention to the lack to certain of the question of the reservation agreement . As explained , it is concluded between the developer and the purchaser of the capital goods, and pertinent exemptions from sales of premises representing a limited delay . " In search some banks it is sufficient document to grill the appositeness of consumer - probity " - explained the Authority. He expressed the point of view that it is vital to define such contracts and to bring in them to the developer of the Represent . OCCP also indicated earlier that the information should be clarified that the developer be compelled list in the Programme . The substance is the requirement to acquaint consumers about the planned investments within a kilometer from the property. The proposed revolution would have to rely on more authentic catalog of documents that are to be the source of the information provided in the prospectus. The duty also claimed that the customer should have the proper to certify that refuse to carry off the assets in the end that the investment had significant flaws . " It should also be admissible to stand by until receipt by the developer to remove defects " - remarkable the OCCP.
Forum » General » Sex fara perdea (+16) » dywizjonu 303 mieszkania warszawa (bezpośrednio mieszkania warszawa)
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